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The worst traffic in the nation is only going to intensify as Los Angeles County adds nearly 1.6 million people over the next 25 years. Add in robust growth within the logistics industry — one of our most important economic drivers — and the need for investment in our roadways, freight lines and transit network has never been greater.
Article Date April 26, 2016 from Forbes
As the Midwest’s most important economic hub, Chicago is naturally the focal point for much rail traffic.
Article Date April 25, 2016 from Highland Community News
The current state of what has become one of Southern California's crucial industries and a major economic driver across all six of the region's counties - as well as a picture of what this sector's future holds - will be on the table in full discussion at Thursday's 2016 Southern California Logistics and Supply Chain Summit.
ABF Freight System has instituted a $5.92 surcharge for each shipment going to or from California.
Article Date April 12, 2016 from The Press-Enterprise
The challenges and issues surrounding the millions of square feet in logistics centers in the Inland area, and the railways and freeways that feed them, will be examined at the second Southern California Logistics & Supply Chain Summit on April 28 in Pomona.
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