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DocIconGoods MovementSouthern California06/01/2004Congestion Relief;Corridor;Caltrans;OCTAHighway; EnvironmentalOCTA; Caltrans
 8 MB
DocIconGoods MovementOutside California01/01/2000intelligent transportation systems;mexico;TexasHighway; WarehouseTexas Transportation
 56 KB
DocIconGoods MovementSouthern California01/01/2001Union Pacific;Alameda corridor;Shipment;BNSFHighway; Warehouse; Environment; PortsSCAG
 237 KB
DocIconGoods MovementSouthern California11/01/1992economy;statistics;Air Carrier Traffic;aviationAviation; Warehouse; EnvironmentSCAG
 8 MB
DocIconGoods Movement06/01/2001Union Pacific;AB 2928;Rail yards;Ports/;Alameda corridorWarehouse; Environment; HighwayOCTA
 9 MB
DocIconGoods MovementSouthern California06/01/2002Freight;Air Cargo;UPS;FedEx;LAXAviation; Environment; Warehouse; HighwayMetrans
 274 KB
DocIconGoods MovementSouthern California12/01/2001ports;Goods movement;ContainerEnvironment; Warehouse; HighwayMetrans
 647 KB
DocIconGoods MovementSouthern California;Outside California01/01/2005PM;Nox;Smog;idle;particulates;EmissionsEnvironment; Warehouse; HighwayICF ConsultingFHWA
 1 MB
DocIconGoods MovementOutside California04/01/2002technologies;Border crossings;NAFTAHighwayBattelleFHWA
 454 KB
DocIconGoods MovementSan Diego County;Outside California01/01/1994Corridor;San Diego;multi-state;multistate;fund;Airport;Port;Railroad;highwya;POE;ports-of-entry;evaluation;database;International;multi-modal;Multimodal;BINS;Border;DOT;U.S.;needs;assessment;Infrastructure;binational;mexico;transportationData; Port-of-Entry; Border; Highway; Ports RailSourcepointU.S. DOT
 21 MB